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halfmilSince letting people know that the site was live in June we have attended numerous events and started to spread the word. The response has been amazing and the rate the site is growing is astronomical. With over 500000 hits in October 2008 we are up on September which had 297404 hits. Again Sept was higher than August but we wont keep boring you with the figures. Suffice to say that we believe that ExPix is firmly a part of the Extreme Sports and lifestyles culture.

The site is still not finished but the ExPix team now have a short space of time to catch a breath and turn up the heat and finish off those areas that need attention. The support from everyone has been phenomenal and we are aiming now for 1 million hits a month by early next year. Watch this space to see if we can hit our targets.


Thanks to everyone who is supporting us

Jo, Ian and the ExPix Team

The BKSA have recently announced at their AGM that they once again will be partnering with ExPix for the media syndication and documentation of their Grand Prix Tour.

Last year was the first time ExPix had been fully involved with the BKSA  although we had followed the tour since 2003. The chairman of the BKSA was impressed by the understanding we have of the sport and its riders. By having this understanding we managed to provide a more universal solution to media distribution. With press releases and images being distributed nationally as well as locally the amount of coverage increased tremendously and this has had a knock on effect with companies now interested in being a part of the tour. Red Bull have already agreed to attend the events with their 'Roadshow' vehicles, sound systems and products  which will give the events a major visual and audio boost.



expix-article-orange2008 UPDATE

As you can probably see from the site we have been extremely busy redesigning and restructuring ExPix

As such the site hasn’t been updated since August due to the major changes that have been made to the site. Again our designer Tom has done another great job in pulling things together and the site aims to expand more in this format as the year goes on.

We have a lot planned at ExPix this year with several contracts for event in the pipeline, even more companies looking at using our services as we travel around the UK and further a field.

Now that we have finally decided on the future progression of ExPix we can concentrate on growing our web base.

The site has been expanded to include rider services, and ex-zine which will be our online magazine type site. It will not at present take the form true online flick magazine, instead it will be more of an  informal and informative, blog type site.

With event dates and articles, rider profiles, a rate my rider page which could prove to be very interesting, a lifestyles page with interesting tips for your alternative lifestyle downloads and coming soon our own ExPix TV.

Whilst the site is expanding, so are our media service. Its business as usual with our photographic and event media services but we are adding video coverage and interactive media. This hopefully will provide us with cutting edge technology to distribute media on site. Initially this will be to competitors but plans to expand this to general public are underway.

Websites and graphic work have been slightly expanded with a new graphic designer who has some awesome designs and ideas for clothing, so watch out for the new ExPix T’s and other goodies through out the year.

The biggest asset we feel will be the one most of you will be interested in. As 2007 progressed it became apparent that a lot of riders / competitors didn’t have the knowledge about who to approach regarding sponsorship or how to portray themselves to potential sponsors.

Our Athletes services page is dedicated to providing information and services both to riders and potential sponsors. Whether you need to improve your image, up your coverage or source a new sponsor we can help.

Coming soon to ExPix TV will be all the latest and greatest footage from all the events we go too. Follow the ExPix team up and down the country (even all over the world) as we venture into the wonderful world of extreme sports.

In the meantime here are some teasers.







Well we've been here a week now and Fuerte has not disappointed with wind every day.

The party tent has seen some action but with strong winds competitors are leaving the partying to the locals ....well almost all!

The windsurfing freestyle was immense with plenty of action through out and the kiting freestyle started yesterday with its second discipline of course racing.

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